Celebrity Colour Challenge

The “Celebrity Colour Challenge” was an artistic experiment started in 2019 to promote the launch of a new body of work by artist David Carr. Celebrities from different genres were asked to choose only three colours from the list of paints in his studio and, with only the addition of Black and White, he had to create an original work in his usual abstract style. Not only was the exercise a promotional device, but genuinely explored the possibilities and challenge of creating art with the artist not having total control of the work. Celebrities who have participated so far include: Louise Germaine (Actress), Clare Teal (jazz singer/BBC Radio 2 presenter), Gregor Fisher (actor), Steve Hogarth (singer in the group Marillion), Donna Muir & Sue Huntley (artists), Tricity Vogue (Cabaret entertainer) and Lea DeLaria (Actress/Comedian/Singer).

I had the pleasure of working and interviewing Steve while producing a special promotional “Marillion Weekend” for Sky Digital. I have always loved this band and it was one of the highlights of my music career. I have never stopped following them and enjoying their records.
Magenta, Veridian Hue (Veridian Green), Burnt Sienna

Steve Hogarth
Lead singer with Marillion

One of the most successful female jazz singers in the UK and popular BBC Radio 2 presenter. I had the honour to manage Clare for over six years, signing her to Sony records and seeing her album “Don't Talk” reach the top 20 in the UK national album charts. It was a pleasure working with her and she is a friend for life.
Bright Pink, Bleu Outremer (Ultramarine), Violet Cobalt Clare

Clare Teal
Jazz Singer & BBC Presenter

I met Louise when she came to stay at my house while house hunting in France. We became good friends and I have seen her go through a tremendously difficult fight against breast cancer. Her most notable role was in the Dennis Potter TV series “Lipstick On Your Collar”, where she starred opposite Ewan McGregor. She has also had major roles in “The House of Windsor” and the French film “Les Randonneurs”.
Cadmium Red, Emerald Green, Turquoise

Louise Germaine

Tricity and I spent a month touring Normandy with a French circus “Cheptel Aleikoum”. We have been friends ever since. She has had a string of award winning shows on both the London Cabaret scene and the Edinburgh Fringe.
Vert Clare (Bright Green), Crimson Red, Chartreuse Yellow

Tricity Vogue
Cabaret Actress/Musician

Award winning art duo Donna and Su have been favourites of mine every since I bought Sting's live album “Bring On The Night” and fell in love with the artwork they created for it. They have gone on to produce other album covers, been nominated for a Grammy and have won many awards for their artworks that are created using a wide range of mediums.
Donna: Vermillion Red, Blue de Cerulium, Diozaxine Purple
Su: French Ultramarine, Burnt Sienna, Rose Madder

Donna Muir & Su Huntley
Artists/Graphic Designers

I have spent many late nights in dingy London jazz clubs with this wonderful actress and equally wonderful singer. Her albums on Warner Bros records are some of my favourite jazz vocal albums of all time. Her acting career has put her on screen in “Will & Grace”, “Californication”, and is well known for playing the role of Big Boo in “Orange Is The New Black”.
Yellowgreen, Emerald Green, Chartreuse Yellow

Lea DeLaria

Nic is an incredibly talented and successful artist who studied at the Royal Academy. He is another of our wonderfully friendly neighbours out here in rural France and insisted on making my challenge even more difficult by picking only two colours for me to use! (Cheers Nic!)

Prussian Blue, Burnt Sienna

Nichollas Hamper
Royal Academy/Slade School Painter

I had the great pleasure of working with Catherine at the International World Music Festival in Brugges many years ago and we have been friends ever since. A superbly talented singer/composer, Catherine has records out on EMI/Zoku (Belgium).

Ultramarine (Blue), Yellow Ochre, Emerald Green

Catherine Delasalle
World Music Singer/Recording Artist

I greatly admire the bold and unique style of this young artist and am delighted she chose to participate in my challenge. I first saw her on the TV and have followed her on Instagram ever since.

Cobalt Violet, Orange, Cobalt Blue

Samira Addo
Artist: Winner of Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year 2018

Gregor is a neighbour of mine out here in rural France. A wonderfully talented comedian, actor, and chef...which reminds me, I owe him a dinner!

Sap Green, Orange, Primary Blue

Gregor Fisher
BAFTA Award Winning Comedian & Actor

One of the World's most celebrated hat designers who has created unique pieces for Vogue, Royalty and the most famous celebrities around the globe. I have loved Philip's work for years but never got to meet him. Hopefully I will one day.

Orange, Bright Pink, Cobalt Blue

Philip Treacy
Fashion Hat Designer

I first met artist Sylvia when she stayed at our house while on holiday in France. We became good friends and I was delighted when she asked me if she could set me a Colour Challenge.

Lemon Yellow, Veridian Green, Ceruleum Blue

Sylvia Wadsley

Jane is a very well established artist who we are fortunate to live by in France. She and her husband Nichollas Hamper run pottery and painting classes from their idyllic home in the Charente. This is my first ever challenge featuring a metallic paint.

Rose, Bight Pink, Metallic Gold

Jane Courquin

I have known and admired Ana Silvera for many years and think she is a wonderfully talented singer and musician. She has written some beautiful songs and has recorded several albums. Incase you are wondering about the title of this piece; she did actually live under a tree for a while!

Sap Green, Naples Yellow, Prussian Blue

Ana Silvera

Alan Cumming has appeared on screen and stage all over the world. His best known film roles include Goldeneye, Spy Kids, Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion, Emma and X2. He has won numerous awards including an Emmy and Olivier.

Red, Cadmium Yellow, Violet

Alan Cumming OBE

I have known Lizzy for several years and watched her career grow from strength to strength. Landing a role in the National Theatre touring production of “War Horse” was an amazing achievement and she has thrilled audiences around the world in this show.

Olive Green, Pink, Cadmium Yellow

Liz Stretton

One of my favourite comedians. I love Milton’s hilarious use of words and was lucky enough to see him twice before i left the uk. I was thrilled he chose to be a part of my challenge. The title of the piece “throw the Meringue” relates to one of his jokes that always makes me laugh.

Prussian Blue, Crimson, Olive Green

Milton Jones