About David Carr

David Carr is an English born abstract painter living and working in France. He is the creator of an on-going art experiment “The Celebrity Colour Challenge” which he began in October 2019. Celebrities from stage and screen, artists, musicians and people admired by David are asked to choose three colours from the paints in his studio and then, with only the addition of Black and White, he creates a unique piece of abstract art in his signature style.

Born in Woking, Surrey and was educated at Repton School in Derbyshire where he was awarded an Art Scholarship. While there he was trained in many styles of painting by tutors from The Slade School of Art, Wimbledon College and The Royal Academy before attending West Surrey College of Art & Design (now: The University Of Creative Arts) in Farnham Surrey.

After leaving art college in 1987 he joined the BBC and pursued a career in broadcasting. In 1995 he moved to Sky Digital as a producer where he met the jazz singer/BBC Radio 2 presenter Clare Teal whom he managed until 2005. He retired from the music business and began to work in region arts where he took the opportunity to join, and work with, a French touring circus “Cheptel Aleikoum”. This lead to the publication of his first book “The Three Course Circus” and shortly after its release he re-located to France and returned to being a full time painter.